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Katie has done structural integration bodywork on three of my horses in Barriere now. I was excited to learn how it could compliment the other massage and chiropractic work I have had done on them, and Katie was great at explaining the unique benefits of this approach. It was interesting learning about fascia and compensation patterns, and I loved seeing my horses yawn over and over as they released tension. One of my horses even rested his head on Katie’s shoulder while she was working on his poll! She has a calm, focused energy while working on horses, which transfers over to them. She is extremely thorough in her assessment and treatment of each animal, and provides a follow-up email with her notes. Thanks Katie!


Katie has done an incredible job working on my two mares! The one always loves getting treatments but the other was pretty ready to kill us during the first one! After the first session she went to work and realized how much more ABLE she felt and by the third session she was pretty much leaning on top of Katie to get her to dig deeper! Both horses feel incredible post treatments and I’m so grateful Katie is able to help them!


Katie started working on my sensitive and nervous auction horse in the fall of 2018. Although he doesn’t typically enjoy being touched, within three sessions of Katie’s work he was much happier and less reactive to her touch. As a young horse he went through much difficult work and has always been stiff and tense, but since Katie started him in her program he has become much looser, freer and more connected in his step and is continuing to become less restricted with every session. Katie is such a positive and knowledgeable horse person, I am very grateful for her incredible work with my horses.