What does a series look like?

A series is typically 4-5 sessions, each lasting approximately 1hr 15 mins to 1hr 30 mins

Session one builds rapport and establishes trust, while identifying holding patterns.  Superficial tension is released while continuing to identify deeper holding patterns.

60Session two focuses on vertical balance over all four legs, freeing up the shoulders, lumbar, hips and pelvis.  This creates stability, as well as power from the hind end.

Session three moves into horizontal balance, addressing deeper tension through the barrel, and integrates muscle groups that share movement functions.

Session four further integrates the body while connecting the front end to the hind, addresses core holding patterns in the body, and assists in bringing out the horse’s natural fluidity.

Session five reinforces changes.  As the horse moves through the series and explores their new flexibility, they must develop strength in their new movement patterns.

Performing equine structural integration

Typically you want at least several days to a week minimum between sessions so the horse has time to experience and explore their “new” body.  As your horse moves through the series, more time between sessions may be beneficial for them to build strength.  The results of the sessions are cumulative; I’ve found the effects become most noticeable usually as we move into sessions 3 and 4.  

Please have your horse relatively clean to get the most out of your session time.


As of April 1, 2022: $110 per session.  Each session lasts approximate 75-90 mins.  After each session, you will receive a detailed report via email so you can keep track of your horse’s progress.



Performance Prep sessions are a great way to ensure your horse is best prepared to show off in the ring. These sessions (45 mins) are designed to help clients in a regular program get the maximum performance out of their horse at their event. $75

Rest & Recovery sessions available to help your horse feel their best. Perhaps you’re in the middle of a hunter/jumper show, 3 day event, or just finished a 50 mile ride! You’ll want to ensure your horse is feeling best prepared to continue. These shorter sessions (45 mins) are designed to help your horse stay loose, relieve muscle soreness and flush lactic acid. $75

Clinics and demos are also run periodically, or upon request. Inquire today!